Pi-Apps is the most popular app store for Raspberry Pi computers. It’s written in 100% bash scripts.

Hello again!

Someone on GitHub who calls himself Botspot, has created an app-store for Raspberry Pies to spread the knowledge of open-source projects that people don’t know about. It’s super beginner-friendly, as you can install and update applications on your Pi with a few clicks. I myself have contributed a few apps to this store, and it’s crazy to see how much attention the community has given it.

As of writing this post, Pi Apps has about 580 stargazers on its repository, and over 100,000 users, according to the analytics page. It’s entirely open-source, and with the exception of one piece of C code, it’s written entirely in BASH, a Linux scripting language. Even the GUI is written in it.

It contains well over 100 applications that can be installed with one click, including several versions of Minecraft.

If you’re interested, follow the install instructions here.

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