This is my first post of Pi News, an update from the Pi world with software news, hardware news, and more. Enjoy, and let me know if I can improve anything!

Image credit: Adafruit
  • Raspberry Pi Foundation announced their new SBC today: the Raspberry Pi Zero W 2, the second iteration of the original Pi Zero W. It contains a massive jump in performance, including an upgraded CPU (1GHz Quad-core ARM Cortex-a53), which is a crazy improvement, as the original Pi Zero contained only one core! The GPU has been upgraded as well as the wireless and bluetooth onboard chip, and it’s selling for only $5 more than its predecessor, at $15. Read more about this powerhouse here.

  • The Pi’s Vulkan driver has been updated! Version 1.1 conformance for Vulkan, the cross-platform graphics API written in C, has been approved by Khronos. This could improve graphics results up to 60%, according to leepspvideo. Stay tuned for more updates! (Original post by RPF, and can be found here)

  • Hopefully you submitted your Hacktoberfest pull requests, because this year’s beloved celebration of open-source software has unfortunately ended. If you’ve earned your prize, be on the lookout for an email from the Hacktoberfest team with shipping details for your swag! Learn more and ask any questions you may have on the Hacktoberfest discord server, and happy hacking!

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